HCQ — It’s Not for YOU!

HCQ — It’s Not for YOU!

Trump suggests a drug that works,
Dr. Fauci goes beserk!
We’re not concerned with saving lives!
Lock-STEP is the intended prize!
He gives the talking heads a wink,
Trump’s drug will KILL YOU is what we think!
On Ventilators everybody knows
That’s how you cure a runny nose!
Don’t listen to those voodoo lies
We have ventilators standing by,
This disease’s so very dangerous,
Only 1 in 10 come back to thank us,
But that this deadly Covid Bug,
It will not respond to ANY drug,
What Fauci knew in two thousand and five,
Is an irrelevant meaningless dusty archive,
The countries and doctors that all say they use it,
Must be brain dead primitives, our data proves it,
Only social distancing, masks, lockdowns and vaccines,
Are effective against this novel disease!

So we locked down the country, and banned the one drug,
That could have swept this plannedemic right under the rug,
A Western 1st World Pandemic! In history, the first!
But our countries’ death counts were remarkably worse,
Than they were in Africa, Asia, even Venezuela and Iran,
Greece, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Cuba, Japan!
All used HCQ early and their death rates way low,
While intubated victims breathe their last breaths alone.

Now whether the victims can even recognize the crime,
Is the most outstanding aspect of these modern times,
At which point do people begin to question the motives,
Of these great webs of fear that have been cast upon us?
HCQ is safer than aspirin as such,
Is available without a prescription the world over much,
We have been blockaded just as folks are in Iran,
When life saving medicines are withheld “by plan”
The numbers are clear, the studies cannot be denied
Many friends would still be with us had our “experts” not lied.

by Shaman Starseed Aug 1, 2020

Facebook May 23 2020

This just came in from a friend of a friend in Peru. Arbol de la quina – Tree of Quinine… they’re so fucking proud of it that it is on the Coat of Arms of the Country of Peru, that there my friends, the tree next to the vicuña is what we call in English the Cinchona Tree, from whose bark comes the famous anti-malaria drug QUININE, also an ingredient in Schwepp’s Tonic Water, the base ingredient of hyroxychloroquine, recommended by an Incan shaman in the year 1638 when the wife of the Viceroy of Peru fell ill with malaria, based on thousands of years of “anecdotal evidence” and she got better! The same cheap and generic drug being used around the world now to successfully treat COVID-19. The Incan shaman did not need to do a “peer reviewed” corporate sponsored “scientific study” he abstracted it from the collective wisdom of many generations of shamans in the region. I am Shaman Starseed and I approve of this message.

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