The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening”

What does it mean?

Why is #TheGreatAwakening banned by Facebook and Twitter?

Have you ever heard of hashtag #TheGreatAwakening? Do you know the hashtag is banned?


What’s up with that? What could be so dangerous in something so benign sounding as #TheGreatAwakening that the entire hashtag has been shut down since mid-2020?

While here we can see that #Cannibalism is totally OK …. SMH

Twitter finds nothing, except a message saying my “Your search settings could be protecting you from some potentially sensitive content.” WTF

So who in the heck came up with “The Great Awakening” and why is it deemed so dangerous???

Maybe this next image from the infamous Q board holds a clue..

Was the #TheGreatAwakening banned by Facebook and Twitter because it was a term that was once posted on some shady dark-web site frequented by the much reviled “Q” ? Seems to make sense. . . curiouser and curiouser said Alice . . . oh, what do you know..more than once:

Shall we explore? Why is #theGreatAwakening banned, while hashtag #Cannibalism is fine and dandy? Hhhhmmmmmm… ok you go explore later, for now I’m just going to tell you what’s up…

1) The Great Awakening refers to an “awakening” in mass consciousness.

2) What it IS that we’re waking up to, is that the game is rigged by some very few.

3) A small group of psychopaths, the 0.000001% of royals and super-duper-rich own controlling stock in ALL the worlds industries, all mainstream media, big pharma and hospitals, energy sectors, all big technology companies, all food industries, etc. and then also control via hydra-like tentacles and a vast system of bribery and blackmail all politicians and world leaders. If a US president comes along that looks to buck their system, as in the case of JFK, they just have him killed. The same families have gotten their way and literally ruled this world for hundreds if not thousands of years using bribery, blackmail and assassination to control with an iron fist the inner workings of our entire civilization including government, “accepted truths” and education. See point #2.

That all sounds nice and “edgy” right? But the implications of the truth behind those 3 statements have shaped every single person’s life on this planet. So I would say “heavy” as opposed to “edgy” but I do not suffer from “cognitive dissonance” which harbors most people’s gentle minds into a soft knee-jerk response LOL this is “outlandish” and huffily dismiss such pronouncements as “paranoid” and perhaps better to avoid taking “too seriously”.

But now Covid has changed all of that! It’s “in your face” or perhaps “on your face” if you’re a mask wearer.

OK so I just threw down the gauntlet for a lot of folk who have been conned into cherishing mask-wearing. “Conned” yes you heard that right! By none other than that group mentioned in point 3. “COME ON! We don’t want to be super-spreaders!.. President Biden says so…” For crying out loud – THINK! Do a bit of research and discover that these masks are merely “splash guards” in medical usage, they do NOT filter out airborne virus particles any more than you can catch gnats with a butterfly net. They are also harmful—leading to lower oxygen levels and higher CO2 levels in the body, therefore inflammation and conditions that exacerbate in the body pre-existing diseases such as diabetes and cancer… nature did NOT intend for us to have to breath through a restrictive covering. The science on this is absolutely clear, you don’t even need science, however, just common sense—masks make it harder to breathe, we breath to live. If you stop breathing, you die! If you cut off air slowly, you die slowly. Wearing of masks is detrimental to optimally healthy lives, any form of exercise including walking and impairs human-to-human communication and social behaviors.

This mask issue hit the nerve of The Great Awakening in a core fashion.

As does the entire Plandemic.

You’re either hip to the obvious, that Covid is an “agenda” not a deadly new flu strain that threatens to wipe out humanity, or you’re not and you cling to the lies being spread by authorities either directly or through your peers and family members.

This is where we’re at.

A critical percentage of the population has now “awakened” to some very grim truths . Truths that pertain to and largely shape the lives of all Earth’s citizens.

I’m going to stay with that, but let me first not leave out yet another point…

4) The Great Awakening is about “disclosure”

Disclosure of what? Am I going to talk about UFOs now? Well, no that’s another discussion, but yes the US Navy and Space Force both have their own UFOs that the general public doesn’t know about. But I mean disclosure of a LOT of stuff, not just about Ets and such. There’s adrenochrome, human trafficking, underground tunnels, a shadow war and white hats vs the Illuminati sagas in full detail. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but I want to just focus on the obvious for now and that’s the “Plandemic” as it has affected each and every one of us profoundly.

The essay aims to examine “The Great Awakening” as it applies to COVID especially.

You are living in a war zone as I write this on January 20, 2022. And we all have been for decades. Just like when people lived in war zones in WWII Europe or Iraq except in this war zone it’s not bombs that are flying at you.. it’s misinformation. Misinformation that is intended to control you, condition you, enslave you, and of late, quite clearly… harm you unless you think myocarditis and heart attacks should be part of the “new normal”. And certainly harmed anyone duped into participating in unjust wars with real bombs and guns after the 9/11 spectacle of mass murder ultimately carried out by #3.

War for your minds. That has been waging for decades. For everyone, everywhere to blindly trust the authorities has been their intended outcome. They do this by framing popular discussion, feeding us a warped vision of the world, and infiltration of every aspect of where information flows into our brains via education systems, accepted science and a scripted mainstream media narrative. ”This is extremely dangerous to our Democracy!” see:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” 13th CIA Director William Casey

The main obstacles to most people “waking up” as it were can be boiled down as such:

1) Cognitive Dissonance
2) Mass Formation Psychosis
3) Ongoing Psyops

Cognitive dissonance, in a nut shell, is when one’s mind is presented with something that so vastly disagrees with their preconceptions that there occurs a “does not compute” error in the base consciousness level thereby causing Pavlov-dog-style rejection of conflicting information.

Mass Formation Psychosis is a rather new kid on the block having recently been censored by Google when brought up on the Joe Rogan show. Whenever Google quickly censors something while it’s being broadcast live, it’s worth looking into. Basically, it’s saying that if you get a certain few conditions in a population it becomes easy to “mass hypnotize” them into believing anything at all even against their own innate common sense. Amazing Polly gives a very well-done journalistic informative video on the subject here:
This phenomena has been brought about by the “establishment’s” (see point #2) incessant pushing of divisive dialog and socially-detrimental norms such as confused gender identity, cancel culture and twisted racist and divisive ideologies disguised as just the opposite, as “the new normal”. Much of what is discussed in this matter is not based on conjecture but rather a complete science of mass manipulation as documented and used by tyrannical and communist regimes to manipulate society similar to what is described in George Orwell’s 1984, which everyone should read to better understand “The Great Awakening”.. “War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” “Long Live Big Brother” (even if the elections were clearly rigged).

Ongoing psychological operations are why you are wearing masks for one thing. I mentioned “plandemic” and I noticed some readers rolling their eyeballs.. YES this was a planned event! There are many indications such as the announcement by Dr. Fauci that there “will be a surprise pandemic” under Donald Trump to the immense website that appeared right at the inception of 2019 by Klaus Schwab and the jolly WEF to enact the COVID 19 – Great Reset that must have taken years to make.. this list goes on and on, there are now leaked videos of the elitists discussing how to pull such a stunt to enact forced vaccinations and also there’s this document that was posted by the Rockefeller Institute in 2010 describing the leverage of a “virus” to induce .. basically, world-wide fascism which they term as “Lock Step” (for the peasants).

This is like – “The world as the uber-rich salivate on themselves imagining…”

“During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.

2010 that document was published by none other than the Rockefeller Institute along with the World Economic Forum.. so if you roll your eyeballs at people saying this was “planned”. how’s that grab you for proof of “a plan”? The above article gives a link to the original pdf file as well as a rundown.

It states in black and white their intentions starting with the “mandatory wearing of face masks”.


People nowadays say “Oh, the science says that they work”, I say “WHAT science?” I looked at all the studies. And they come back, oh, it’s all new studies that just came out since the plague has struck. I point out to them that there were numerous studies and even surveys of studies published on the NIH website that concluded years ago that the wearing of cloth or paper masks has negligible to zero effect on the transmission of airborne viral diseases and furthermore cause undo stress on the wearers’ bodies’ metabolism due to lessened oxygen levels in the blood. All of these studies BTW Facebook experts have deemed are false by some miraculous breakthroughs in science that only Facebook has uncovered. They have been described by doctors as “splash guards”.. chiefly worn by surgeons and attendents to keep them from accidentally spitting into the cut-open patient on the table. PERIOD They don’t filter out viruses. Its says so right on the packaging. SO WHY back in 2010 is imposing mandatory mask wearing the very first thing mentioned right after “authorities imposing airtight rules and restrictions”? WHY?? I’ll tell you why! Because this is a psyops, dingle-brain! Masks are a first step in enslaving a fellow human. It’s been like that throughout history. Some Muslims still mask their women for this reason, to assert OWNERSHIP. When one put’s a mask on another living being, by force, that person is then imposing a sense of ownership over the masked person. It’s psychological. Like when you muzzle your dog, you are the owner, only you can muzzle your own dog.

To be continued…

from Shaman Starseed’s FB photo album “Take Your Masks and SHOVE THEM!”

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