But surgeons wear masks for hours and they don’t get sick.

Argument #1

By Dr. Nate Semmelweis

When people discuss fainting, developing headaches, or nausea from prolonged mask wearing, there will always be someone who replies with a seemingly logical argument: “But surgeons wear masks for long blocks of time and they are fine.

”Why do people think that surgeons wear masks for hours on end with no break, or that surgeons wear their masks tight?

They don’t.

Surgeons are also standing in one place for the majority of their mask wearing time. The major increase in metabolic demand would be from the brain, if the surgery is stressful, or if the surgeon overheats or develops discomfort during the operation.

The surgeon is not running up and down steps, on the playground, behind a football helmet, or anything of the sort. My experience is that for the most part, surgeons are relatively fit people who look after themselves.

There is the occasional anomaly, but obese, unfit surgeons don’t last very long.  They have to go into some cushy type job where they can get away with it.

The work of a surgeon is demanding, starting before the sun rises, having to make patient rounds, surgeries, checking back on patients, seeing office patients, and then usually a second rounding on seriously ill patients, as well as taking overnight call several nights per week.

Standing on one’s feet and walking as much as surgeons do, keeps them fit beyond what the average GP or even cardiologist will endure in a day’s work.

The first thing a surgeon does, when the job is over and the patient is out of the operating room, is to take the mask off. Then maybe the cap, but always the mask.


They want it off and it stays off until the beginning of the next operation.Before one jumps to the conclusion that a surgeon wearing a mask can compare to an 11 year old running at the boardwalk in the heat of summer, or a 4 year old walking in an airport, or a pregnant woman—know that it is NOT the same.

Nor can it compare to someone with baseline respiratory compromise either from obesity, heart disease, or pulmonary disease. Mask use in those people, for long periods, can be fatal.

Surgeons do NOT wear their masks all day long.

Children are asked to wear masks all day, while playing outdoors and indoors. Pregnant women and sick people are also asked to wear masks constantly while working or out of the home.

During pregnancy, a woman’s heart is pumping more blood than usual, the blood pressure is lower than normal, and the lung reserve is decreased. And, the life inside her is highly dependent on proper oxygenation for its cells to divide and function normally.

Pregnant women, children and other adults are fainting and in some cases, even dying while wearing masks.

A friend of mine showed me a picture of her thin, healthy 13 year old son after a weekend holiday at the ocean. Masks are mandatory on the boardwalk.

He complained of not feeling well and she pushed him to just take a few more steps, and he fainted, broke his nose and bashed his knee. He is healthy at baseline.

We simply do not hear about surgeons passing out this way because it is incomparable.

Surgery suites are temperature controlled, quite cool, and the air quality is also usually conditioned. Again, this is in stark contrast to a pregnant masked nurse on a ward, tending to several patients with the usual rigor of her work, which involves a lot of fast walking.

It is also not the same as my friend’s son walking in the summer heat on the boardwalk.

Surgeons are a relatively fit, adult, group of people who have slowly acclimated to the loose-fitting surgical mask for chunks of time through the day.

But what does happen metabolically to surgeons during the operation with a mask?

One study from 2008 by Beder[1] et al, showed that during major surgery, when 53 surgeons all over age 35 were checked by pulse oximetry pre and post-surgery, the pulse rate increased and the oxygen saturation of the blood decreased by the end of the major surgery.

The report states that a small decrease in oxygen saturation reflects a large decrease in PaO2 and that this is a concern for the surgeons. Once the O2 saturation goes to 90% or below, the depth of the curve for PaO2 (arterial partial pressure of oxygen) steepens and this can be very problematic.[2] I might add, that the patient on the table is sure to agree this is a concern.

Fortunately for the patient, only 18% of surgeons use the facemask in accordance with CDC guidelines anyway.[3]

Perhaps surgeons are actually aware that the wearing of facemasks in the operating theater is a waste of breath? Just like with immediate cord clamping of a newborn infant, tradition rather than science prevails.

I was astonished to learn how many studies show that surgical masks do not prevent infections. Dr. Arthur Firstenberg published an article linking 14 studies showing that surgical masks in the operating room don’t help the patient.[4]

Given that fact, it should be clear why facemasks have not been recommended for influenza or common respiratory infection outbreaks in the past.

Many surgeons are well aware of the fact that their mask is not likely to help the patient or surgeon, but they persist with the age old tradition. According to Zhou et al, the latest National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines do not require operating staff to wear a mask in the surgical suite.[5]

So why, you might ask, do they still wear the masks? The answer: “…there was an overall ‘consensus that wearing non-sterile theatre wear is important in maintaining theatre discipline’.” [6]

Given that hospital-acquired infections are a leading cause of death in the developed world, it may be time to stop doing things for imaginary reasons or tradition, and start walking the walk of real discipline, and real science. That would require thought, research, and the willingness to admit we were wrong.

We were wrong.

Science must change as knowledge is refined. It is never settled until everything is working right, and humanity is healthy, peaceful, and fulfilled. With that as a goal, things are going backwards fast.

The word science has been hijacked, abused, manipulated, and weaponized for the dominant and controlling drug culture to profit from. Social engineering of humanity today assures that science propels certain political ideals, rather than the true foundations of health in the world.

Knowing that mask wearing is dangerous and unscientific, yet most of society goes along with it, for compassion, altruism, fear, or any emotionally generated ideal, and not science—should at the very least provoke cognitive dissonance.

Why are our children and vulnerable members of society being asked to utilize dangerous and senseless face coverings? Please stop using and believing the surgeon mask argument.

The passion of one’s own thought and opinion, should never exceed the amount of due diligence spent researching a subject.

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this article reposted from archived https://archive.fo/ul0px from masksaredangerous.com which seems to have been taken down at some point in that past couple of days

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