I Can’t Breathe!


Psyops summary

Being a 10 point memo recently leaked to me from the upper echelons of our “beneficent” [sic] and “philanthropic” [sic] [sic][sic] controller-class elites.

1) TELEVISE staged murder by asphyxiation by a knee cruelly thrust upon a black man’s neck by a grinning white authority officer;

2) RELEASE bioweapon virus that attacks the cardio-vascular system especially the lungs;

3) CONVERT hospitals into Auschwitz still “soft” gas chambers, when then enter, feed them with poisons that lead to kidney shutdown and lungs filling with water cutting off oxygen, then finish them off with a ventilator;offer $100,000 bounties for each termination. At each step delude victim into soft compliance by with lulling phrases such as “it’s for own good”.
4) MASKS – Slowly cut off the population’s breath by having politicians and news anchors encourage the population to wear breath reducing masks;

5) INJECT the population with poisons that wreak havoc on the cardio-vascular system by genetically tricking the body into producing razor-like spike proteins that cut up organs, veins, arteries, etc. and cause blood clotting. As emotional support gesture, have new media normalize “heart attacks” as a common occurrence among the younger generation, and have Popular Science magazines write an article with the message that “pericarditis is NOT EVEN a disease, so shucks, what’s everyone squawking about?”

6) FEAR -Fill them fear constantly so they are always full of anxiety thereby creating conditions for more “shortness of breath”;

7) RELEASE THE KARENBOTS – Convert large as possible segment of population into Karenbots like bad shepherds to goad the masses into embracing ##4-6 Use cancel culture, shaming, political correctness etc. Engage the brainwashed younger generation to join the ranks of brown shirts by displaying popular sports or entertainment stars being role model Karenbots.

8) MANDATE – As a last resort for those who do not respond to Karenbots, pass laws making 4-6 compulsory by penalty of fines, imprisonment or by leaning on corporate bosses to fire the non-compliant from their jobs.

9) CENSOR and CHOKE all small businesses and conversations. Especially attack restaurants and bars where people gather and talk. Same with churches. Prevent people from hearing any pronouncements by doctors and scientists that tend to tip off the public to our designs.

10) ASSAULT psychologically the subconscious minds of the population by displaying large and numerous posters in airports, metro stations and other public spaces of medical NGO’s promoting kids dying from lung ailments especially asbestosis and asthma. Make “I can’t breath” a slogan and display on public walls and posters. Paint anyone who can still think for themselves as a “spreader of misinformation” or the classic “conspiracy theorist”.

Target goal: 1/2 billion survivors

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