Conspiracy or Coincidence? You Decide…

In 2010 Rockefeller Foundation/GBN Global Business Network published a 54-page think-tank-produced document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”.

So what is this? It’s several vignettes of future paradigms that whoever wrote this report envisioned might be possible.

“The scenarios that follow are not meant to be exhaustive — rather, they are designed to be both plausible and provocative, to engage your imagination while also raising new questions for you about what that future might look and feel like. Each scenario tells a story of how the world, and in particular the developing world, might progress over the next 15 to 20 years, with an emphasis on those elements relating to the use of different technologies and the interaction of these technologies with the lives of the poor and vulnerable.”

They list 4 possible scenarios. 1) Lock Step 2) Clever Together 3) Hack Attack and 4) Smart Scramble. We are most concerned with #1, Lock Step. The other 3 are fluff in comparison, focusing on different aspects of basically how to keep people in line and acting as if civil unrest, poverty, famines and new diseases are all inevitable. “Lock Step” is the powerhouse here, the “keynote” scenario, therefore first and foremost of interest to the readers.

Now bear in mind this is NOT an alt-right conspiracy theorist publication “warning” its readers about the NWO coming to impose fascism on the world population, this is the real cigar, an NWO publication “envisioning” unabashedly the 1%’s dream world, an imposed state of fascism (“authoritarian leadership”) on the world population.

So what brings about this “Lock Step” scenario with “more authoritarian leadership”? And by the way, that’s very interesting, as it sounds kind of like what is happening today with many governors mandating “lockdown” orders and suddenly after more than 250 years of religious freedom since we were still colonies of England, going to church and even singing in church have been forbidden by executive decree. So how did the scenario world happen? Well, here comes the “coincidence” part. It all started with a viral pandemic in this Rockefeller document’s foremost scenario. Yep, the entire scenario starts like this:

“In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit.Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain — originating from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world.Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults.”

An influenza strain. COVID19 is an influenza strain. However, in the Rockefeller scenario 8 million died in 6 months, it’s been 6 months and just over 1/2 million people have died worldwide, so our situation is clearly not as serious. What happens next?

“The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers”

OK this is really sounding familiar now! But wow even with only 1/2 million dead they closed businesses all over the world! Well I suppose then, that must be why the virus didn’t kill so many people. What? The whole world didn’t lock down? Well certainly then those countries that didn’t lock down must have the most deaths, right? NO? Japan with a population of 126.5 million well over 1/3 the US’s population of 328.2 million lost less than 1000 people to the virus with no real lockdown, and it’s densely populated. Maybe Japanese people were mostly already immune. I don’t know, that surely is a mystery. If one extrapolates roughly for population, 1000 x 3 that’s less than 3000 deaths, yet the U.S. is topping 133,000. What about the countries with the highest per capita death rate? What were their “lock down” policies? The top 5 highest death rate countries in order as of today are: Belgium, Spain, Italy, UK and France. All began lockdown in March. Coincidentally all are European countries. Maybe Europeans are more susceptible? Another oddity is that in the rating by WHO of health care efficiency of 191countries, all 5 are in the top 25, with France and Italy holding the #1 and #2 spots. India ranks #112 on this list. How are they doing in India with1.35 billion people, they must be dropping like flies over there, right? If Cuomo thought he was short on ventilators, imagine what the mayor of Mumbai must feel like, let’s see… WHAT???? India has lost according to the live feed at a grand total of 24,315 souls to Covid, less the 3/4 the number of deaths in the State of New York. The death rate per capita in India according to is currently 17.19 deaths per million; Italy 578.33 deaths per million; and France at 460.05. So the death rate in India is 33.64 times less than the death rate in Italy. India did lock down very harshly for a month or so from April, through the beginning of June but it was lifted due to the economic devastation it was wreaking on most of the 1.35 billion+ population. Maybe Indian people in general have better equipped immunity systems than Europeans and Americans that prevents them from succumbing to this particular flu. It could be that because India did not follow WHO guidelines to stop using hydroxychloroquine that they were so successful in their treatment of the novel virus.

The document starts into the juicy “imposed authoritarianism” by first praising China.

“The United States’s initial policy of “strongly discouraging” citizens from flying proved deadly in its leniency, accelerating the spread of the virus not just within the U.S. but across borders. However, a few countries did fare better — China in particular. The Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter postpandemic recovery.”

Well that’s ironic, Trump actually stopped flights from China on January 31 much to the dismay of many in Congress who perhaps favored “strongly discouraging” Chinese travelers to the U.S. from coming. If you had had any doubts that the author of this article was indeed endorsing authoritarianism, that passage should have dispelled them. It doesn’t stop there, taking China’s lead…

“During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.

At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty — and their privacy — to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability. Citizens were more tolerant, and even eager, for top-down direction and oversight, and national leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit. In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests.”

Did you just see that? Remember this was written in 2010. Back then as it is now, there is much controversy over these orders to wear masks. The norm until Covid19 was that only infected people wore masks and there is the danger that prolonged mask wearing or even any mask wearing by certain people is a dangerous proposition with the dangers outweighing any presumed benefits. But back in 2010, in a Rockefeller scenario we see 1) leaders flexing muscles to impose “airtight rules and restrictions” with the first mentioned restriction being 2) mandatory wearing of face masks.
Then is mentioned the “temperature checks” as we’ve seen being used mostly in China.

The next paragraph is the creme de la creme. Is this pandemic a conspiracy and we are under an imposed agenda to make us more compliant and submissive or is our situation, even with the overwhelming reports and evidence that the “medical establishment” have been counting many thousands of non-covid deaths as covid deaths, a normal course of affairs and this prophetic Rockefeller scenario document just a coincidence? There sure is a lot of controversy with this pandemic.

This has been the strangest virus ever! This virus was clearly engineered to affect people of one political party over another, or so it appears going by the numbers. Covid19 is far more likely to infect and kill people living in Democratic controlled states than Republican controlled states. See 7/5 States Data Spreadsheet here: That’s just the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of with a virus, but you can’t make this up, numbers are numbers. According to live feed numbers you are 6 to 8 times more likely to survive if you catch the bug in Texas rather than New York, Connecticut, Michigan or New Jersey. For every 100 people tested positive in Texas 1 person dies, while for every 100 people testing positive in Connecticut, 9 people die. Is Texas medical system 9 times better or perhaps the virus was politically engineered? That’s silly I know. But what are the alternatives, what could be the reason for the story that is told by the numbers? Maybe, just maybe the pandemic scare and emergency quarantine or rather, “lock down” and “new normal” and “Brave New World” and “mandates to close small business and churches” and “mass mandatory mask wearing” (for the first time in modern history), maybe it IS part of an “agenda” as laid out in the scenarios document and we are just seeing it being played out.

Did anyone notice that on March 26, 2020 for owner, Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc (Bill Gates) was published patent number “WO2020060606A1” patent for Cryptocurrency system using body activity data

Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

It doesn’t say so outright, but if it’s for a “payment system” that means it has to communicate with a “bank” so it has to know who you are, so it is certainly implied that it either IS, or goes along with, a digital ID that uses some kind of nanodust or microchip insert which can be injected via a vaccine and hooked up to a central system via 5G.
Look at that patent number as well. WO2020606A1. People surmise that “WO” stands for “World Order” like the new United Nations New World Order website at And that of course, “2020” is for the year. And if you discount the zeros you’re left with 666, the mark of the beast, plus “A1” which could easily be construed as ‘AI’ “Artificial Intelligence”. And this is what Bill Gates wants to inject you with. Aaron Russo told us about this plan years ago, they want all your money stored in a microchip inside of you that they can turn off at will if you don’t “behave” (note in patent, “A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user”) .

Conspiracy or coincidence? I think the answer is quite clear. What say you?

by Shaman Starseed Jul 16, 2020

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