TruthBTold “Battle Plans”

Information war is RAGING NOW! is a DIGITAL SOLDIER AMMO DEPOT! Save and post memes and links with stories, hashtags, one-click-copy Red Pill and paste the truth to the frontlines. Open in a new tab and utilize for easy access to pastable truths (taglines/links/memes) and join in the psychological war as an active participant.

1) Understand the Wartime Reality

If you realize that there IS an information war going on, the outcome of which will affect the entire world, then you are awake, congratulations! “Welcome to the real world,” to quote Morpheus. I mean specifically of course that you are fully aware that the world, as portrayed by MSM, is a propped up reality construct, a big poofy and full-of-spikes lie, that serves only the very few who are moving to enslave the rest of us, and that the general public who acquiesce and concede to this world view are “plugged into the Matrix” just like Neo was before he got “unplugged”. That’s right, the “news” is the main source from which spring the “plugs” that keep the sheeple asleep and dreaming a fantasy. And just like in some sci-fi movie, the “plugs” are continually “grabbing” the public via MSM broadcasts, shared articles, memes, their own thoughts and conditioned beliefs, and even from friends and family who have become “zombie MSM mindbots” with their brains having been infected by these tentacle-like plugs that give definition to their reality and fears, and with many being zealot-like devotees of WHO agenda front men like Bill Gates and Dr. Fasci. Yes, millions upon millions of your fellow Americans and world citizens have been infected, nefariously mass converted into robotic extensions of the death-eater-agenda! Unknowingly, unwittingly but thoroughly, and in full capacity many have been lulled into becoming emotionally invested virus-like mindbots, running on a fault-driven but programmed mission to make sure everyone else is equally plugged in. The Cabal/CIA/Institutions/EducationSystem/MSM information-psyops-operation has been well-planned and thorough and has metastasized into every aspect of society. This is the battlefield we see now around us, zombified masses everywhere are senselessly aiding and abetting a full assault by a “Lock Step Authoritarian” contrived-plannedemic agenda that is going for the jugular vein of each of us, reaching out to rescind the sovereignty of every Earth citizen. Evil cannibals, wicked individuals who worship Satan, drink blood, and fund and contrive wars, civil unrest, demoralization of the public and false flags have reached out for the neck of every individual on this planet in a colossal and stated move to cut the life off of ALL of us via no oxygen to the lungs. From the virus itself attacking the lungs, to the deaths of many by ventilator, to a staged killing with the words, “I can’t breathe”, to the executive mandates that we MUST wear masks that reduce oxygen intake by at least 10 or 20 percent even after the death rate has fallen to statistically zero. You and your fellow citizens everywhere are under assault. The above mentioned mindbot nature of your own fellow citizens means they are “infected” tissues, a part of the fabric of society that has already conceded to “I can’t breath” paradigm, that have accepted inwardly the death of the idea of “freedom and justice for all”, that are now the willing and much needed ready-to-embrace the new-normal, brainwashed thoroughly due to their own mental apathy. This is not a pretty picture. These people, your fellow citizens, NEED to get unplugged as quick as possible. We need as many people as possible to wake up themselves and FAST! This is crucial to help your fellow citizens who are so deluded to be able to brace themselves for some very massive bombs that are about to fall. ( I don’t mean physical bombs, I mean some huge, emotionally-charged “truth” bombs are coming the shock from which will rent the very fabric of humanity’s collective astral body!). Besides all that, the war is not over! The enemy is coming at us in full force. The tide of the level of group consciousness of “awake and aware” is vital to maintain. We must NOT relent for even one day our constant beaming of truth beacons. 100th monkeys are waking up everywhere but there are many millions of us and many are what might be termed “chronically infected”. The war is about information. What informs you? What informs others? What does that information cause others to do? If you can inform others via articles, memes, logic, videos, you can help them be “better” informed and help them unplug. You don’t have to look far, the mindbots are everywhere. Make it your sacred honor to re-inform them when you see them sharing and having views that have been foisted upon them by the enemy. One on one, i.e. hand to hand combat….. DEBATE, open eyes to truth, pick up your weapons (keyboards) and embrace the life of a digital soldier and help rescue the world!

2) Draw Battle Plans

What is going on? We are under full assault under the guise of this Plannedemic! First and foremost. As described above this is not an incremental grab for some fringe area of our civil rights, this is a full out assault on our freedom of movement, speech, congregation, livelihoods, health and sanity. Add to that, for many there is is a 10–40% tax on their oxygen supply depending on choice of mask. With armies of mindbots clamoring together that “it’s for your own good” or “don’t be selfish” like a mass of Karen-crabs snapping their claws and foaming at the mouth “orange man bad”. These mindbots have had their herd instinct usurped, quite purposefully. Fear, fear the dreaded virus! It’s almost like a fad. It’s all quite ridiculous when you examine the facts. SO, the first approach is to present the facts to people. And I mean “present” the facts “to people” (not just display on your walls. It could be to someone you don’t know making a stupid comment on the HuffPost Facebook page or another person’s page). This is hand to hand combat. You need to be clear in your minds as to the fallacy and evidence of BS and planning surrounding this whole pandemic. First off an overview of what I have mental stock of:

A) Covid19 is now a proven bioweapon; there exists a eugenicist agenda; Gates/Fauci/Buffet/NIH research at Wuhan; There’s also indication that nanodust and 5g may have part to do with some people’s symptoms being attributed to this pandemic but since that is not easily provable, we best leave that discussion for the already awakened.

B) Purpose of Plannedemic is a control agenda; Lockstep authoritarian top-down restrictions on society is long sought cabal delight; Rockefeller Institute Scenarios for the Future 2010; predictions by Olympic Games 2012; predictions by Harry Vox in 2014; “Brave New World” crammed down our throats; UN starts offshoot website “United Nations New World Order” with Happytalism to replace Capitalism; world wide abuse of power to impose restrictions on civil liberties and livelihoods of citizens; China is in charge of WHO, Gates biometric id patents; Corona virus patent;

C) Trump is coming to arrest their pedovore asses; Deep State agenda: Trump must go at all costs; pandemic declared day after Trump impeachment fail; all deaths blamed on Trump; agenda of Dems: create civil unrest; BLM; “I can’t breathe” staged murder (seemingly) of George Floyd; Dems clamor to disband police; tear down statues; send in and support agitate-burn-and-loot Antifa infiltrators; Seattle mayor has her “summer of love” committing murders and marching to her door; Minneapolis destroyed; keep pushing virus agenda to prevent in-person voting; some Dem governors reveal themselves to be mass murdering tyrants; patients murdered by ventilators and lack of access to hydroxychloroquine; elderly murdered by having covid positive sent to nursing facilities by executive orders; MSM does nor report on death rate as it’s continually dropping but on new “cases” which is due to more “testing”; tests are inaccurate; counts are inaccurate; counts are contrived (to the utmost); MSM #eldercide ??? All to create more deaths, more division, more civil unrest to cause a mass breakdown and at the same time a climate of fear to create the cover to impose the lock step authoritarian (fascist) agenda we see all around us;

D) People are not buying this crap; Doctors are speaking up; Dr. Buttar plus many others; Judy Mikovits “Plannedemic”; scientific studies contradict WHO models; WHO models proven wrong; wearing masks idiotic; Hydroxychloroquine proven safe and effective; counting “cases” highly inflated; death rate falling; fireworks in California; armed citizens in Michigan; Mayor Lightfoot quotes her bureau chiefs must be “loyal to the New World Order and good governance”; rioting ok, singing in church not ok; going to church, not OK, small businesses and bars and resaurants, not OK, Walmart OK; Trump declared all churches “essential businesses”; certain Dem governor are now straight out enemies of humanity; investigations are proceeding; censorship is rampant; the truth is obscured and lies are upheld without shame; evidence of fraud and conflicts of interest is building everywhere; U.S. leaves WHO; Bill Gates predicts second wave with a smirk; China is not happy with Trump; globalists are not happy with Trump; people are waking up right and left, the Great Awakening; Qanon;

So Keeping ALL of that in mind, you engage with those fellow citizens in whom you notice aberrant belief systems (to put it mildly) have infiltrated their logical centers. You have a whole ARSENAL of topics to play on their logical thinking cortex, depending on the discussion or post. For instance if person posting something like how Trump should be put before a firing squad due to the 130,000 Americans stricken down by the “virus”, you can point out something very tangible about thousands of preventable deaths that occurred due to actions by especially 5 Democratic governors who sent sick to nursing homes. Also great are to keep showing people the undercover nurse that reported about Elmhurst hospital, other whistle blower nurses and doctors that are saying either they were literally “killing” people from neglect (they certainly WERE according to evidence and testimony) or many doctors are successfully treating with hydroxychloroquine regimen and now another new report of a doctor using inhaled steroids as they used in Taiwan and kept it down to total 8 deaths. So, challenge them: 1) Why 1/3 of all deaths occurred within 300 miles of NYC? 2) Why was hydroxychloroquine banned when it was known to fight SARS back in 2005? Then you can also keep pointing at the numbers, the more the “cases” rise the more the death rate falls. Already the death rate in itself makes fear mongering about this “virus” completely ridiculous.

Same with masks, there is absolutely no real science supporting requiring healthy people in the general public to wear mask is in any way beneficial and indeed studies that show overall the effects would likely be “harmful” to the health of the general public at large.

OK so that all being said, almost any term I used here can be searched in the website (https://TruthBTold(dot)link)

So you open the site, if you’re posting to Facebook, it’s preset, if posting to Twitter, select the Twitter logo then the tagline (text) lengths will fit the Tweet character length requirements.

You simply have to type in the searchbox on the left top and a list drops down from which you can select the hashtag topic. If you type “#” you will see all the hashtags. Examples to bring up any of the points I just discussed can be used by using key terms such as:

“mask” “bioweapon” “judy” “mikovits”
“gatesflu” “buttar” “dr” (for other doctors)
“cuomo” “deaths” “eldercide”
“governor” “adrenochrome” “qanon”
“cdc” “nih” “billgates”
“plannedemic” “rockefeller” “lockstep”
“nurse” “elmhurst” “spreadsheet”
“noscience” “hydroxycholoroquine” “censorship”


Then you see the red buttons to right of each article, the “red pills”, If you like the tagline I constructed just click the top button “copy tagline/link” or you can make you own tagline or none at all and just copy the linked article/video/etc. by clinking once “copy link only”. If article is a media-type=“Meme” which are “images” not linked internet sites, the tagline is optional but requires an extra click as an image and text can’t be both entered into a clipboard at the same time. If the “copy image link” doesn’t work on your browser, (it works on Google Chrome desktop only), then right-click image itself and copy it that way, it’s the same image there in the thumbnails. When you click a red button it should move down slightly to let you know your clipboard is loaded. Then simply click inside Facebook comment or new post or new Tweet, and “paste”.

God speed patriots! Remember, we’re trying to save our fellow citizens, not belittle them. Nor is there any cause to feel offended at their rabid behavior. They know not what they do. Be cunning, ruthless, egoless and kind, yet without mercy on their misconceptions. Be full of love, but help them get themselves unplugged no matter what it takes. Don’t give up on them. Forget about anyone’s feelings, we’re fighting for our lives.

by Shaman Starseed July 11, 2020

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